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Welcome to my Networked Practitioners’ Conference Blog

About me

I am a Ugandan female, a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Social Works and Social Administration, a Master’s degree in Applied Ethics, a Post-Graduate certificate in African Studies, a Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies, and multiple short courses on research, research communication and management. In order to catch up with use of digital skills in education and research, I am pursuing a Master of Arts Online and Distance Education in the Open University of UK.  I have completed modules on Technology Enhanced Learning Practices, Innovation and Openness in eLearning, and I am currently following a Networked Practitioner. The last will be Critical Researcher: Educational Technology in Practice. I have experience in teaching at university level, multidisciplinary research, publishing, administration   and community service.

About my blog

This blog has been opened with the aim of preparing for the Networked Practitioner’s Conference H818 of 2020. The conference is scheduled for scheduled for Saturday 15th February 2020 at 16:00 at the Open University of UK

Abstract of my presentation

Medical Volunteerism as a Tool for Open Education and Social Inclusion in Uganda

From the data given by Uganda National Household Survey 2016/17, several of the major concerns of the communities in accessing health services at the public health facilities can be summarized to be the limited number of medical personnel. Yet the available staff is limited in knowledge, skills and facilities. This does not only affect Uganda but the globe at large. In the current global context, health for all is another matter of urgency because with increased mobility through migrations, formal education, and trade, the risk of spread of diseases increases. It is on this basis that medical volunteerism is encouraged to cover the medical service gap in communities but also as a means of open education and inclusion through the transfer and exchange of medical knowledge, skills, innovative technologies across the globe.

Considering the above, the Researcher proposes to investigate whether medical volunteerism as another mode of open education that allows inclusion. The presentation will be based on data collected using an online survey and documentary analysis from volunteer organisation websites. The main objective of the research will be to promote community health volunteer services in Uganda. Specifically, the research objectives will be:

  1. to establish the factors that determine volunteerism,
  2. to find out the type of learning that is acquired during volunteerism,
  3. to find out the types of learning disseminated during volunteerism, and  
  4. to identify the people who would be interested in volunteering in Uganda 

Request to participate in the survey

In order to achieve the above study objectives, I am carrying out a survey that targets medical volunteers (former, current and prospective). I am not getting responses and am worried about H818 conference assignment. Kindly participate or share my link with your contacts, they could be respondents or share to their networks that could be potential respondents.

The Video clip describes the research project and shows the proposed project site For more information about St. Joseph Health Centre Nakabango

The Poster of the conference

Evidence of inaccessibility of medical services

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